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Specifications of Light Speed  maintnance package:

Turbo caching

Caching is not only important for website speed measurement applications, but it really speeds up websites. Thus, it shortens the visitor’s idle time. What netizens really hate is waiting. According to statistics, most of us navigate away from pages where we have to wait more than 3 seconds for content to appear.

Turbo cache exceeds the well-known cache extensions, thus lowering page load time. Just like the turbocharger in cars, it works together with the engine (in the case WordPress CMS), increasing its performance.

Deletion of unused images

I find and delete unused images. So, they will not overload the store and the database. The website will become faster without the need for switching to another hosting package.

We only perform this operation once. As for the first time it can have undesirable effects,  a full, redundant off-site backup is made of the website before the image deletion is started.

Reducing the size of oversized images

If there is no limit set to to control the size of the files on upload, there is a risk to upload multiple megabytes of images. This is especially common regarding imported files, e.g. when using WP All Import plugin (uploading web store content). So, control of upload size of images is indispensable.

On the other hand, adjusting the pixel size of images optimally results in a reduction in file size, displaying a drastic decrease in page load time.

Converting JPEG images to webp extension

Browsers prefer images in webp extension as they load faster.

Optimizing Database

The database is inclined to be swollen by temporary files, spam, disapproved posts, autosaved content and so. Deleting these reduces the size of the database and help keeping the website fast. That means  a lower page load time: the website will be measurably faster.

During database cleanup, database tables left behind by extensions that have already been deleted are cleaned up, letting the system operate more efficiently.

Deletion and regeneration of thumbnails

This is how you get rid of unused thumbnails, that take space from useful content and burden storage space, the database, and the processor. New humbnails are created only in the required sizes, optimized and compressed. The power released in this way makes the website more agile.

Managing bloated log files

Some extensions keep extensive documentation of their activities. These swollen log files are saved and then emptied. If necessary, the backup can be used.


Page load time ​​is affected by several factors. There are components that, when optimally set, help improve the user experience through low load time or by refining the appearance of individual website elements.

It is important to coordinate templates and extensions so that they not interfere, but complement each other. Their smooth co-operation is checked  by tests.

Updating PHP version

PHP version affects speed. It is not updated automatically, so you must do it on the storage manually. We keep track of version updates so the website will always display the highest performance.

Custom activity

The software performs the work regularly or continuously, depending on the function. The package also includes personal monitoring and intervention as needed, as well as manual updates if necessary to maintain the best possible performance available by the package.

Price of LightSpeed Package:

8000 Ft/month

Discount price:

6000 Ft/month


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